Image level backup of SQL Server fails


Image level backup is configured for application aware of a server running MS SQL in order to truncate the SQL transaction logs but fails.


The image level backup runs to completion but fails at the end with message:

The call to truncate SQL logs failed. This is often caused by the 'sysadmin' role 
not being enabled for the 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM' login for one of the SQL instances.
If this is the case, enable this role and try the backup again. If not, check the SQL Server
logs for additional information.

An unexpected error was encountered while doing post backup processing.
The error logs on the asset will contain additional information.



Make sure the local system administrator account (NT Authority\SYSTEM) has sysadmin privileges within SQL.


Provide system user permission on SQL Management Studio

  1. Remote log on to the SQL Server where you have installed the Phoenix Agent.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.

  3. Connect the SQL instance which is installed on the SQL Server and log on to the SQL Server.

  4. Go to Security > Logins.

  5. Right-click on NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM and select Properties. This opens the Login Properties window.

  6. Select Server Roles and from the Server roles list on the right, select sysadmin.
  7. Click OK to confirm the roles selected for System account.



The NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account must be configured as sysadmin. This account is used to perform SQL backup and recovery jobs. Beginning in SQL Server 2012, SQL does not grant NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM sysadmin privileges by default. For SQL Server 2012 and later versions, you must manually add NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM as a system administrator.

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