Unitrends response to limited support ticket access on support.unitrends.com


Unitrends addressed an issue of limited access to support tickets (new portal customers could see and access other new portal customers' Support cases that did not belong to them, until an account was associated with the user account)


New users recently reported they have unauthorized visibility and access to support case documentation not belonging to them or to their associated company(s).

Prior to an account being associated with a particular user's account, that user account did previously have limited, improper visibility/access to case documentation that was not their own.

This issue was reported by a limited number of users -- each of whom was not yet associated with their account.  

Only a limited number of users were impacted, i.e., they briefly had access to case records that did not belong to them..

This access was unintentionally granted by an incorrect profile setting in the CRM software hosting support.unitrends.com.


Unitrends immediately corrected this profile configuration setting as soon as new users reported this issue and the issue was confirmed.

Now, users only have access to records which they created or records associated with their company's parent account.


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