Create a bootable USB Flash Drive


Instructions for creating USB flash drive for imaging a next-generation or S-series appliance


Instructions for creating a new USB image for imaging NextGen Appliances.


    1. Install imageUSB and ext2fsd on the Windows machine (see Notes for links)
    2. Plug-in the USB flash drive to the Windows machine
    3. Start imageUSB and select the correct drive (Step 1)
      C:\Luis' OneDrive\Unitrends\OneDrive - Unitrends\Graphics\ImageUSB
    4. In Step 2, select Write image to USB
    5. In Step 3, click the Browse button to select the .bin or .ios Appliance Image File that you downloaded.
    6. In Step 4 click the Write button. The writing process will begin.

      User-added image
      User-added image
      User-added image
    7. Once completed, exit from imageUSB and safely remove and eject the USB flash drive.
      User-added image
    8. Insert into a USB 2.0 port on the Recovery Appliance and boot to being the image process.


    Backup Versions:

    The ROS90013_usb.el6.x86_64-052316_1702.bin Factory Image was used for this example, which is for the new S series systems (e.g.: 714S-xxx-xxxxx).

    Required Software/Hardware:

    Recovery-Series Appliance:

    • Recovery-201
    • Recovery-602
    • Recovery-603
    • Recovery-713S
    • Recovery-714S
    • Recovery-814S
    • Recovery-823S
    • Recovery-824S
    • Recovery-933S
    • Recovery-936S
    • Recovery-943S
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