Add Instant Recovery Write Space dialog (8.0)


Add Instant Recovery Write Space dialog (8.0)


The Instant Recovery Write Space dialog is where you define the storage to use for storing instantly recovered VM changes. Unlike previous versions, 8.0 no longer automatically uses the backup data store as write space. It is now always a separate attached disk.

A guideline for selecting the correct size Write Space disk is to calculate at least 50% of your daily changed data, then attach a disk that can accommodate that size. Typically, changed data is about 5% of the total of all virtual disks in your environment that are being backed up. So for example, if you were backing up ten VMs every day that totaled 1 TB, you should attach a virtual disk that is at least 25 GB (Changed data is approximately 5% of 1 TB, which is 50 GB; of which 50% is 25 GB). Write Space can be expanded at any time by adding additional attached virtual disks.

To add Instant Recovery Write Space

  1. With the Unitrends VBA powered on, use the vSphere Client and add additional virtual disks to the Unitrends VBA virtual machine by editing the virtual machine's settings
  2. On the Unitrends Web UI, go to the Configure page > Storage tab. Click Add Storage and choose IR Write Space.

    Figure - Add Storage dropdown


    The Add Instant Recovery Write Space dialog will open.

    Figure - Add Instant Recovery Write Space dialog

  3. Enter a name for the storage target. This name will be used when this storage target is displayed in other areas of the interface.
  4. Adjust any storage thresholds in the Options section.
  5. In the Manage Attached Disks area, select from the list of available attached disks and click add_icon.png. To remove the disk, select it and click remove_icon.png. Clicking rese will reset all disk settings to the original settings from when dialog window was first opened. To refresh the list of available disks, click refresh_icon.png.
  6. Click Submit when finished.

You will be brought back to the Environments tab. In the Storage tab the status will initially read Pending. When the disk is finished attaching the status will convert to Active.


Note: At this time you can add IR Write Space as attached disk storage only.


**Instant Recovery currently does not support Citrix Xen Server backups.

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