How to login to AWS instances after deployment


How to login to AWS instances after deployment


Please make sure that the source VMware VMs had SSH (port 22) or RDP (3389) enabled when they were replicated into AWS. This is required to login to the instances deployed in AWS.

If you did not allocated Elastic IP addresses to instances on deployment, no public IP address is assigned to any of your deployed AWS instances. In this case, you first need to associate an Elastic IP address to the instance as follows.

  1. Go to the AWS VPC console. Select “Elastic IPs” menu option on the left to start the Elastic IP View
  2. Click “Allocate New Address” button located on top of the view panel to obtain a new global IPv4 address
  3. Select the returned IP address, click “Associate Address” button
  4. Select the instance you’d like to associate the new Elastic IP address with

You can simply use your credentials of the original VMs to log in to your instances. This can be your username and password pair, or an authorised private key. (You do not use keypairs created in your AWS account to login instances.)

For security reasons, only access via SSH (port 22) or RDP (3389) are allowed. To access other ports, you need to enable them manually by editing the Security Group and Access Control List (ACL) settings.

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