Backups Start but Fail Immediately with no Log


Backups Start but Fail Immediately with no Log on Hyper-V



Backups Start but Fail Immediately with no log information associated with the backup job. This error can occur when the VBA's Management database showed that there was a host entry that did not have a reference or uuid.

The reason this error occurs is that the ServerName for the host entry in the configuration file did not match the name of the machine. It can either be a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) if it belongs to a domain or just the machine name (without a Workgroup name).

This can also occur if the incorrect value is entered manually into the config file or the Hyper-V host was removed from the domain after being part of it originally when first configured.


  1. Edit the Phd.HyperV.Services.exe.config file so that the ServerName value will match what is being returned from the system.
  2. Restart the Unitrends Hyper-V Service Windows Service (using the Admin tool, the Services MSC, or command line).
  3. Sync the VBA inventory.

To Check the Phd.HyperV.Services.exe.config File

The Phd.HyperV.Services.exe.config file's host entries need to have either:

  • The FQDN of the server if it is a member of a domain.

  • The machine name alone. (The workgroup name should not be added)


To Locate this Information:

  1. Right click on Computer in Windows Explorer on the Hyper-V host, then click Properties.

    User-added image

    The System information window will open showing the Domain name.

    User-added image

    Below is an example of a machine that is not in a domain.

    User-added image

    The ServerName should be CL-W530.

  2. Check the value in the Phd.HyperV.Services.exe.config file:

    User-added image

    The image above shows the correct entry for the machine in the domain.

    If the machine is NOT a member of a domain, the ServerName entry should only be the machine name, and should NOT include the Workgroup name.
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