Resetting PHD VBA Network Settings (Citrix XenServer)


Resetting PHD VBA Network Settings (Citrix XenServer)


If you are experiencing networking issues with a PHD Virtual Backup Appliance that cannot be resolved using the PHD Virtual Backup Console, or if you are deploying a new appliance and do not have DHCP enabled in your environment, you can use the VBA's virtual machine console within XenCenter to configure the network settings.

Note: This method will allow you to configure the settings for the first network adapter on the PHD VBA, only. If configured, the settings for the second adapter (Storage Adapter) will be reset to use DHCP.

To reset the PHD Virtual Backup Appliance's Network settings

  1. Open XenCenter and select the PHD Virtual Backup Appliance virtual machine.
  2. Click the Console tab.
  3. Type CTRL-N to open the Network Configuration menu.

    User-added image

  4. Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to select either DHCP or Static and enter the new network settings.
  5. When complete, select OK and hit Enter.
  6. Restart the appliance to confirm the updated network settings.
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