Create Recover Job dialog (8.0)


Create Recover Job dialog (8.0)


The Create Recover Job dialog is the main tool for recovering VM backups. You can select one or more backups to recover (only one backup per-VM) and define the schedule and settings for the restore job.

Tip: The Recover Job name can be changed at any point in the wizard using the Job Name option at the top of the window.

Select Backups

Select your backups to your recover from the Backup Catalog. You can change the view to see all backups by either VM name or by date using the options in the upper left corner of the catalog.

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The Filter on the right side of the page lets you quickly find any backups in your catalog.

After selecting your backups, click Next.


Define Recovery Options

Options include restore options, schedule, and email addresses.

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Recovery Options

  • Verify -  Select to run verify during the restore process. Quick verify restores... while Full verify....
  • Power on VM(s) after recovery - Select this option to power on the VMs after the restore is complete.
  • Connect to Network - After restore, if you'd like your VMs to connect to the network with their restored network settings, select this option.


Schedule Options

  • Now - Run the restore job as soon as the wizard is completed.
  • Later - Select a date and time in the future to run the restore.



Enter email addresses to receive reports when this job completes. Note that SMTP settings must be configured to send email alerts and reports. For details on configuring your email settings, see the topic, Configure - Global tab (8.0).

After defining your restore job options, click Next.



At the Summary step you can review your VMs to be restored and change individual VM settings.

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To change a VMs settings, click User-added image before the VM name. The Edit Settings dialog opens.

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In the Edit Settings dialog you can change the VM's name, the location you will restore the VM to, location of the restored VM's disks, and the network settings. Click Save to if you edit any of the settings or click Cancel to return to the dialog.

To change the name of multiple VMs at once, for example to add the suffix _restored to all restored VMs, you can Append a suffix by clicking Edit Suffixes in the Name column header in the VMs to Recover table. Alternatively, you could also use this option to remove a suffix, for example _replica, from all restored VMs using the Remove option. Finish by clicking Apply.

When you've reviewed your summary information and are ready to submit the job, click Submit.

The newly created job is displayed in the Jobs page. If you selected to run the job Now, it will be visible in the Active Jobs tab. You can click the job then view details to watch the restore progress for each VM and disk.

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