Seeding ReliableDR 3.x replicas with ReliableDR 4.x


A procedure to avoid re-building all the replicas after an upgrade from ReliableDR 3.x to ReliableDR 4.x


This article describes how to avoid re-building all the ReliableDR replicas after an upgrade to 4.x version. This process is manual and customer has to follow the exact sequence listed below for a successfully 4.x seeding.

-Create the job in 4.x with the VMs concerned using the same hosts and datastores.




-Once the 4.x job is finished, select the VMs within the job and select the Prepare VM for Backup option for all of them.





-Run the replica job in 3.x version:



-Open vSphere console, go to Protected VM and copy VM's annotations. After that, go to replicated VM and paste there the just copied annotations.




-Go to ReliableDR 4.0 job, select the VM and chose the Map to an existing VM option.



-Now you can launch the ReliableDR 4.0 job, the replica will be incremental.













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