Assigning Backup Data Stores to VMs (8.0)


Assigning Backup Data Stores to VMs (8.0)


For the most recent versions of UVB, there is no need to select the backup target when you create a backup job. Instead, you have the option (though not required) to assign backup data store targets at the VM level using the Protect page.

If no storage is assigned to a VM at time of backup a backup data store will be automatically assigned. If more than one backup storage target is configured and available, Unitrends uses the following criteria, in order, to assign the backup datastore to use:

1.       A backup for the VM exists already on the target. If it does, that storage will take priority in order to maximize dedupe, and shrink the backup window.

2.       Local backup data stores are prioritized for virt-full method backups.

3.       The backup data store with the least amount of source data committed to be backed up. This is to ensure the load is balanced across the environment.

4.       The backup data store with the most free space.

The backup data store each VM is assigned to can be changed at any time using the Protect page, Settings tab.

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