-- Error: "ValidateCredentialsInGuest The guest operations agent is out of date."


Error executing application tests when source ESX has a different version than target ESX.


Due to different VMware tools version (for instance ESX4 and ESX5), executing testing scripts in the replicated VM ReliableDR could fail showing this error:

ValidateCredentialsInGuest: The guest operations agent is out of date.



To fix this problem, it is necessary to install in the original VM  the latest VMware tools version, that  can be downloaded from:


Once the package is downloaded, it is necessary to install the vmware tools in the virtual machine


First, connect the ISO file to the VM CD/DVD device:


Mount the ISO file on the DVD drive, autorun will open a wizard to install the VMware tools.
After installation restart the VM. On subsequent jobs  the testing script will work.





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