PHD - disks failed to rehydrate


Warn PHDVBA Thu Jun 01 21:00:00 2017 2 of 4 disks failed to rehydrate" in PHD virtual backup exporter.


1) Problem with the disks on the NFS server.
Please run a hardware check to verify there are not sector problems or bad blocks that need to be addressed.

 2) The hard linking of the backups is not complete.
Are these exports running very soon after the backups complete? Are they running on an NFS that has low IOPS or does not handle Hard Links?

 3) Some blocks were not written correctly during the backup drives.
In this case, disable CBT, and set the Verify option in the backup job to "FULL" and run a new set of backups. This should "heal" any bad blocks from previous backups. Then try a new export.
1) Please review KB 4186 titled, "How do I export my backups to tape in PHDVB 6.5??", just in case you are missing a step or have reached a known limitation.

2) Check the storage and verify there is enough space to perform the re-hydration. Increase space if there is not enough space. Once this is good, continue to step 3 below. 

3) Stop the Export/Archive/Replication process (we do not want it to process the copy job).

4) Run a new 1-Time backup using the FULL VERIFY option. This is the beginning of the correction, and you WILL get the error one more time (this is expeced at this time). 

5) Set the backup Job back to NONE for the FULL VERIFY, and run the regular backup. This WILL generate a Warning AND will find and fix the bad/missing blocks. 

6) Run another regular backup. You can now set the Export/Archive/Replication to process. This will begin the final process of correcting the data.


HINT! > > Please review KB 1729 titled Verifying Backups and Restores for instructions on how to perform the Full Verify and other options.

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