Boomerang 2.2.0 Release Notes


Boomerang 2.2.0 Release Notes


Release Notes for features and enhancements in the Boomerang 2.2.0 release are described below.

Azure Self-Signed Certificates

  • We have added self-signed certificate support for Azure authentication as newly generated publishsettings files generated by Azure no longer function.  Previously generated publishsettings files will continue to work.
Self-signed certificate setup
  • Resolved an issue preventing copyback from AWS affecting all systems.
  • Fixed license panel hyperlinks which were broken by 2.1.0
  • Resolved an issue with the default email recipients list
  • Resolved an issue with upgrade notifications no longer displaying after an appliance reboot.
Image updates:
  • Newly deployed images are based on Centos 6.9.
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