Release Notes for Boomerang v1.1.3


Release Notes for Boomerang v1.1.3


Windows 2003 Support

We’ve enabled support for an operating system that is no longer support by the vendor, and has sketchy support with the cloud provider. Windows 2003 ( . 

In short – windows 2003 SP1+ is now supported for Boomerang – just be careful please; the future of this will be subject to the availability in AWS. 

Network diagnostics.

We’ve added a little feature to help the user test connectivity very simply.
Diagnostics can be found under Settings -> System Information -> Diagnostics; and will allow you to test:
  • External connectivity over http/https
  • Connection to vSphere/ESXi – TCP 443 and TCP 902
  • Connectivity to S3 API endpoints worldwide
  • Upload/Download speed test to S3 based on a credentials profile
  • Traceroute to a given host address.
Each of these will give you positive/negative response on connectivity and a response time. Here is an example of testing connectivity to s3:User-added image

User Interface updates.

We’ve made quite a few tweaks to the overall appearance of Boomerang, to improve readability and on screen clarity.
For example one large improvement is around the throttling configuration:
User-added image
We’ve also added quite a bit more logging that will give a clearer view on what is going on during a replication.

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