Backup Storage Mount Issues


A list of possible solutions


After deploying a PHD VBA, if you are experiencing issues mounting the defined backup storage location, review the following list of possible solutions.

    • Ensure the path to the storage (if using NFS or CIFS) is valid. Also ensure the PHD VBA has direct access to this share.
    • If you are using FQDN, try using the IP address of the share, instead.
    • Ensure hard links are supported. To test hard links, you can do one of the following:


Mount the share, then type the following commands:

touch foo
ln foo bar

If these commands execute successfully, your storage supports hard links.


A command line tool exists to test hard links. It can be downloaded, here

Create a file on the backup share called foo.txt then navigate to the share from a command prompt and type the following commands:

fsutil hardlink create bar foo
fsutil hardlink list

For additional information on hard links, see the following KB 1617 article, Hard Links and Virtual Full Backup Storage.

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