How to wipe a backup system


How to wipe a backup system

Provides instruction for wiping a system before re-purposing or return.



If a system needs to have all backup and site specific data deleted before returning it to Unitrends then the standard procedure is to re-image the system.  The imaging process will create new file systems thus removing all proprietary data. 
For sites with data sanitation regulations or organizational requirements, Unitrends recommends the use of a third party application which satisfies the prescribed security specification.

Click on the Links below to Re-image the system:

FTP link for appropriate ISO for Physical Appliance:

KB for re-image process:  Appliance Re-image Process



This process may be used when a system is re-purposed for a new task, for example if a local backup source system is re-purposed as a offsite backup target.

This process may also be used prior to the return of a system being traded in for a new generation system or an evaluation system being returned.

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