Manage Retention Policies dialog (8.0)


Manage Retention Policies dialog (8.0)


The Manage Retention Policies dialog can be accessed by clicking User-added image on the Protect page Inventory tab toolbar. It can also be accessed from the Edit VM Settings dialog (8.0)  under Retention and from the Advanced Settings dialog (8.0).

Select the policy to view by clicking the dropdown under the Policies section.

Figure - Manage Retention Policies dialog

User-added image

Here you can create, delete, or customize your retention policies.


The parameters for the Virtual Full Settings can be arranged by:

Keep recent: Sets the number of recent backups to keep.

Keep days: Sets the number of days from which to keep a single unique backup.

Keep weeks: Sets the number weeks from which to keep a single unique backup.

Keep months: Sets the number months from which to keep a single unique backup.

Keep years: Sets the number years from which to keep a single unique backup.

The parameters for the Full/Incremental Settings can be arranged by:

Chains: Sets the number of chains to keep for full/incremental backups of selected VM(s).


By clicking User-added image, you can add a new retention policy for the selected VM as seen below:

User-added image

Default values for custom retention options are Typical values. When finished setting the parameters, click Add Policy and the new retention policy will appear in the Policies dropdown above.


Note: If a retention policy is deleted from the Manage Custom Policy dialog, any VMs with the custom policy applied will be reset to the Typical policy.

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