Recovering VMs From Backup Data Connector (BDC)


Recovering VMs From Backup Data Connector (BDC)


The Backup Data Connector (BDC) lets you access your virtual machine backup files in their native disk formats for export to tape or other long term storage. Along with these disk files, an XML file is provided that includes details about the backed up virtual machine.

To restore a VM using these files (assuming the actual backup is no longer available) do the following: 

  1. Copy the folder containing the disk files to a storage location accessible via your hypervisor.
  2. Use the hypervisor client to create a new virtual machine. Use the OVF.XML file within the backup folder as a reference for creating the VM. This file can be viewed in any web browser or text editor. This XML file contains all of the details about the original backed up virtual machine only - it is not an actual OVF file that can be used to import into your hypervisor.


VMware Note: If the original disk was type IDE and you cannot create the new VM with an IDE disk type, you can convert the disk type after it's been created by editing the VM's .vmdk file. For details, refer to the following VMware KB article.

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