-- Error 2201: on EMC VNX storage array


Error 2201 when running a EMC VNX Storage Replication job


When application session is started, and another session is trying to create a SnapSure checkpoint of another file system, the first session is trying to access disks and create a SavVol, while the second session tries to create a SavVol for the checkpoint. The conflict causes the error 2201.

This can also occur if you try to run multiple fs_copy sessions from the same Data Mover to another Data Mover. The resources (disks, SavVols) are locked up until the first session finishes.

This error is known by EMC and is a limitation of the array, It does not manage the concurrency on replication/snapshot operations properly, this issue is described here.


To avoid this problem the recovery jobs have to be programmed on different time gaps.

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