I have installed the vmware plugin and restarted the vSphere client, but where does it appear? How do I use it?


VMware plugin


The plug-in appears in three places:

  • In the Home view, under “Solutions and Applications”. Clicking this will open the dashboard inside the vSphere client.
  • Right-clicking a host in the “Hosts and Clusters” view. There will be a Boomerang menu item that will open the dashboard in a new browser tab/window.
  • Right-clicking a VM. In the Boomerang menu, there are options to open pages in a new browser tab/window: dashboard, settings, add this VM to a protection group, replicate a protection group, and deploy a protection group.

If none of these are showing, check the plug-in was installed correctly by going to the “Manage Plug-ins…” item in the “Plug-ins” menu, and finding the Unitrends Boomerang plug-in. If there are any errors, try uninstalling and re-installing the plugin from the settings page

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