How does the Backup Copy Cold compare to PHD/UVB Archive and Sync? (aka Transporting data to another Unitrends system)


The only supported ways to take data from a Unitrends Data Protection Unit that is running the RecoveryOS and bring it into a different Unitrends Protection Unit of the same is by using the Backup Copy - Cold process (previously called Archiving).

There are two types of options you can perform, and the process is very specific to the type of data set you need at the second Unitrends system.


Allows you to copy data in deduplicated form into a Unitrends system for the purpose of creating a synced copy of the data selected from SITE A to SITE B. This goes beyond the Sync process of PHD/UVB in that you can select what Clients you want to be included in the process and only changed data is transmitted. The data imported, is used to calculate what blocks have changed between SITE A and SITE B for a given client using the entire system data stash, which means the amount of data that needs to be transmitted to SITE B is usually less that the amount changed data collected at SITE A.

Backup Copy Import

Allows you to import specific data for a Client into SITE B for the purpose of restoring that Client into SITE B. The data is only used for the restore process, and is not utilized in any other way. This data is usually purged out of the system 72 hours after importing unless bound by a live restore or Legal Hold.

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