How do I install and setup the Boomerang Virtual Appliance


How do I install and setup the Boomerang Virtual Appliance


The appliance is distributed as an Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) file.  Download it from the Unitrends product page here:


System requirements for the appliance can he found in System Requirements for the Boomerang appliance.


After following the download link and downloading the OVA:

  1. Deploy the downloaded OVA into your on-premise vSphere environment by selecting "File" -> "Deploy OVF Template" in your vCenter Client. Follow the prompts to complete the installation and power the VM on. 

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  2. If DHCP is available on your network, the IP address of the appliance will appear on the Summary Tab in few minutes. If you need to configure the static IP address, please consult this KB.

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  3. After an IP address is allocated to the appliance, open a browser and point it to the address. Since the appliance is with shipped a self-signed SSL certificate, you may see a warning on your browser. It is safe to ignore the warning. (Please read How should I handle browser warning of an untrusted site when connecting to the appliance? for details.)
  4. Once you have successfully accessed the appliance, you will be asked for the initial configuration. There is no need to fill the license for a 30-days free trial.
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If you've purchased a license and would like to upgrade the appliance from a free trial, please consult Upgrading from a trial license to a subscription license.

If you wish to extend your trial license, please contact us from the support link within the user interface.

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