Create a Protection Group and protect VMs


Create a Protection Group and protect VMs


A protection group is a logical collection of virtual machines that can be managed as a single unit for the purpose of replication (backup) and deployment in AWS. In order to replicate VMware VMs into AWS, those VMs first need to be included in a Protection Group.


If it is the initial setup, after creating a Credential Profile, clicking the orange button on the welcome page to create a new Protection Group.

If there is already a Protection Group(s) defined, a button "New Protection Group" appears on dashboard.

First, select the Credentials Profile to use. Each Credentials Profile contains a pair of VMware login information, i.e., your source environment, and AWS credentials, i.e., your destination environment.

Then, name the new Protection Group and set the replication configuration. The replication configuration defines replication schedule and retention policy. Please see this document for the default settings. The configuration can be updated anytime after creating a Protection Group.

Last step is selecting VMs to include in the Protection Group. You can switch the list and tree views to display all VMs under the vCenter or ESX server.

Boomerang does not allow for selecting VMs which cannot be deployed into AWS. There are various reasons such as the guest OS is not supported or too many disks attached to the VM. A tool tip appears over a red cross icon next to a VM describing the reason. Please consult this document for the supported VMware VM configuration.

Yellow icons indicate some potential issues on those VMs. A tool tip also appears over a yellow icons to show the details.

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