Multiple Azure subscriptions


Multiple Azure subscriptions


I have multiple Azure subscriptions. I cannot select one which I want to use.


By default, Boomerang uses the first subscription entry in your publish settings file for authentication.  If you have multiple subscriptions in your Directory as shown below, you will see multiple subscription entries in your publish settings file.

You must rearrange the ordering of the entries so that the subscription you wish to select is the first entry.  To do so, please edit the publish settings file with your favorite text editor.  Each subscription entry starts with "<Subscription" and ends with "/>".

For example, the publish settings file below has two subscription entries.  The first one with subscription ID '87654321-2a4e-4e7c-8883-lkjihgfedcba' will be used by Boomerang by default.

If you wish the use the second subscription with ID '12345678-dc90-41b6-9d2d-abcdefghijkl', you need to move the subscription entry so that it is the first entry as demonstrated below.


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