Retention in v8


Explains differences in retention functionality between PHDVB 6 and UVB 8


Retention is enforced at different times in v8 than in v6.x

First, since retention is on a per-VM basis, backups are retentioned out after a successful backup if needed. For example if for a given VM you have a retention policy of only keep-recent set to 3 and have 3 backups then after the next successful backup of that VM the oldest backup will be removed immediatelt. In contrast, in v6.x it would not be trimmed out until the turn of the hour.


Secondly, if you change the retention policy, for example lowering the number of backups to keep, then similarly the new retention policy will only be applied after a successful backup or at the next retention run.

This means that backups will not automatically disappear quickly if the retention policy is reduced. The mentioned retention run is run once daily and can have its time scheduled through the console of the P vba.

One last note: you can launch retention on the P using this command


retention -f /etc/phdvb/retention.conf --vm all --bds all --orphan -V


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