Configuring Appliance Networking (8.0)


Configuring Appliance Networking (8.0)


If you need to change a newly deployed appliance’s IP address, you can use the VM Console within the hypervisor client.

Note: For Hyper-V users, if you are using a specific VLAN for your appliance network, that must be configured on the appliance VM before connecting. Use the Network Adapter section of the VM settings to configure VLAN ID.

After the initial configuration is complete you can change appliance networking using the web interface (with the exception of the Presentation appliance).

To change a Unitrends Appliance’s IP address using the VM Console

If you need to change a newly deployed appliance’s IP address, you can use the VM Console.

  1. Use your hypervisor client and open a console window to your appliance by selecting it in the list of VMs. For Hyper-V click Connect…. For vSphere Client and XenCenter click the Console tab.

    Hyper-V Manager:

    User-added image

    vSphere Client:

    User-added image


    User-added image
  2. In the console window that opens, hit Enter to open the Log In dialog.

    User-added image
  3. Login to appliance console with user name, admin and password, password.
  4. Hit Enter to display the Network Interface Management options.
  5. Arrow down and select Interface eth0 then hit Enter. The configuration dialog opens for eth0.

    User-added image
  6. Use the arrow key to select either DHCP or Static. If you selected Static, enter the IP address to use and the additional network options.
  7. Hit Enter to save your changes and exit the console.


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