Alert: BDS Low Space


You will receive an alert when a certain percentage of free space is left on a disk


Depending upon how you set up your storage options, you will receive an alert when a certain percentage of free space is left on a disk. Below is an example of a BDS Low Space Alert received once the threshold is reached.

Figure - BDS Low Space Alert

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To resolve this:

  • go to the Jobs - Job Manager tab and disable any jobs related to the BDS that is full.
  • end any File Level or Instant Recovery restores still running, but not needed.
  • use the Recover - Backups tab, use the FILTER BACKUPS to find any Pinned items. This is a lock on the file and prevents purging. Unpin the file, then delete it.
  • purge older backups from the system. Using the FILTER BACKUP to choose a To date to define a maximum age you are willing to delete. Delete the backup as needed. It may take several hours (sometimes days) for the purging to complete on a very full system. 
If you need additional space even after the purging of data consider add additional storage to the Unitrends appliance, but do not exceed the recommended 10TB of storage for VMware/Hyper-v or 5TB of storage for XenServer. Instead, deploy another UVB and assign storage to the VBA.

For more information on configuring storage see Configure - Environments - Storage tab, Create/Edit Storage dialogs (8.0)
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