Edit Email Settings


Edit Email Settings



The Edit Email SMTP Settings dialog window allows you to properly set up report emails. Follow the detailed instructions after the image to configure settings.

Figure - Edit Email SMTP Settings

User-added image

  1. Enter the SMTP Server address (IP or hostname of SMTP server) along with the Port number.
  2. Choose the email encryption extension. There are two options available: STARTTLS and SSL or select None.

    User-added image
  3. Enter the default email address you want to use to send emails from your mail server.
  4. Click the check box User-added image if your server requires credentials (See Edit File Recovery Credentials dialog (8.0) for details). Enter your Username and Password to require these credentials when accessing the report.
  5. Make sure the Enable email alerts and reports check box is checked. This is usually set by default.
  6. To send yourself a test email, click User-added image, enter your email address, and click Send. You should promptly receive an email.
  7. Finally, enter the email addresses for any recipients with whom you would like to share the reports. You can add User-added image or remove User-added image addresses and choose whether they receive Alerts, Job reports, or both. You can select when they receive Job report emails in the Send Email... drop down. Click Save to finish.

    Alerts, for example, can be generated if an error was encountered when attempting to send an email report after a job or process has completed or if your backup data store connection was interrupted. These alerts can also be viewed from the Alerts widget located on the dashboard or by clicking the Alerts link on the right side of the banner.

    Note: Emails will always be sent when the Alerts check box is selected.
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