Alert: Inventory Sync Issues in Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB)


Describes several scenarios that cause this error


You may encounter the following messages when inventory sync encounters issues and does not complete successfully:


Error: inventory sync completed with 2 warning(s) and 3 error(s) in 30 seconds – cleanup skipped


These types of errors generally occur when:

  1. The VM or host failed to allocate memory for an object.
  2. A database related issue surfaces (ex: lost connection, timing out).


The following message is generated when an inventory sync completes but the cleanup fails:


Error: inventory sync completed with 2 warning(s)in 15 seconds, but failed to clean up


Note: “Cleanup” is the process that marks records in database as “deleted” when the VM or disk gets deleted from Hyper-V Server.  An inventory sync first updates database records based on what’s currently in the Hyper-V Server. Any item that wasn't updated (means that item no longer exists) gets marked deleted at the end.

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