Protect - Sync tab (8.0)


Protect - Sync tab (8.0)


Sync status can be viewed from the Protect page by clicking on the Sync tab. The table is sorted by the name of the VM. You can filter what appears in the table by clicking on the Target Storage dropdown. Select the target storage from the dropdown to view current sync status.

Figure - Protect Sync tab

User-added image

To view a history of Sync tasks, click User-added image. The Storage Sync History Explorer window will open containing a detailed table.

The Sync tab and Sync History tables can consist of the following columns:

  • Name - Name of the VM backup.
  • Backup Date - Date and Time of the backup.
  • Backup Type - Type of backup.
  • Started - When the job began.
  • Ended - When the job completed.
  • Duration - Time the job took to complete.
  • Source Storage - Name of the source storage.
  • Target Storage - Name of the Target storage.
  • Sync Type - The process currently being applied to the VM backup.
  • Status - Current progress for the backup. Status messages can include:
    • Running
    • Success
    • Error

You can export the job history to an Excel file by clicking User-added image at the top of the explorer window.

Filtering Results

In order to filter the results to certain jobs, click  User-added image. A dialog window will open with the options to filter by VM, Backup Date, Backup Type, Source Storage, Target Storage, Sync Type, and Status.

Figure - Filter Sync History dialog

User-added image

When finished choosing your options, click Filter to view the results in the explorer.

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