Create Rollback Recovery Job dialog (8.0)


Create Rollback Recovery Job dialog (8.0)


Rollback existing VM(s) to the selected backup(s) by clicking User-added image located on the Recover page. The Create Rollback Recovery Job dialog window will open.

Figure - Create Rollback Recovery Job

User-added image


In the Recovery Options section, select the type of verification needed for the recovery. The snapshot and power on options are automatically selected when the dialog is opened. It is recommended to keep both these options checked. Using snapshot ensures you can easily revert the VM to the previous state in case a problem arises during the rollback.

Figure - Recovery Options

User-added image

A Quick verification will only read new blocks of data. Selecting Full will verify the ENTIRE disk. This will read back every block on the recovered disk to compare it to what it should be in the backup. If you choose not to verify, select None.

Schedule Options

Here you can set the time and date for when you want to recover the VMs. Select Now to recover immediately. Select Later to set the exact time.

Figure - Schedule Options

User-added image

Once your options are set click Submit.

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