VMware user permissions


VMware user permissions


What are the VMWare user permissions required for Boomerang?


For Boomerang Replication, the following are the minimum privileges:

  • Read-Only Privilege
  • Global.Enable methods
  • Global.Disable methods
  • Global.Licenses
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow read-only disk access
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow virtual machine download
  • Virtual machine.Snapshot management.Create snapshot
  • Virtual machine.Snapshot management.Remove snapshot
For Boomerang Restore/Copyback, you need these extra permissions:
  • Datastore.Allocate space
  • Folder.Create folder
  • Network.Assign network
  • Resource.Assign virtual machine to resource pool
  • Virtual machine.Configuration (All)
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Create new
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Remove
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow disk access
  • Virtual machine.Provisioning.Allow virtual machine files upload
For the Boomerang VMware plugin, you need to enable:
  • Extension (All)
  • Tasks (All)

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