Error: Failed to create vm: Invalid configuration for device


This error may be encountered when restoring a VM



When restoring a VM, the recovery job fails with an error in the log similar to the following:

Failed to create vm: Invalid configuration for device '10'



This error is returned from the hypervisor when attempting to create the new restored VM. The VM's configuration options were most likely in an invalid state that could not be used to create a new VM in a single call. In some cases, VMs can get into a state that is considered invalid over time, but they cannot be initially created using the invalid configuration options.

Review the original VM's configuration to ensure no invalid disks or other incorrectly configured devices were connected to the VM at time of backup.

If using vCenter, you can discover additional information about devices attached to a VM including device numbers, using the Managed Object Browser (connect to your vCenter machine using a web browser then browse to the VM's device hardware config).

If the issue is specifically related to a network adapter or virtual disk connected to the VM, you can attempt to restore the VM without the problem adapter or disk by deselecting them in the recovery job dialog's summary page before submitting the job.

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