Protect - Replicas tab (8.0)


Protect - Replicas tab (8.0)


The Protect page's Replicas tab displays all VM replicas within the inventory.  Essentially, the Replicas tab is a filtered list of the Inventory that displays only the Unitrends created replicas in a sortable table.

Figure - Replicas tab

User-added image

You have the ability to launch a replication job from the tab by clicking User-added image. For more information on creating replication jobs see Create Replication Job dialog (8.0).

The table contained within replicas tab consists of the following columns:

  • Name - Names of Replicas.
  • Environment - The environment the replica exists within.
  • Host - The host the replica is located on.
  • Last Update - Date and time the replica was last updated.
  • Job - Name of the job that last updated the replica.
  • Source Backup - Either the VM name used to create the replica or the backup date and time.
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