How to recover VMs when the original on-premise VMware is down


Originally from a customer :

I have boomerang setup at several clients offices and am very happy with the ease of use.  My only current concern is in the event of disaster or fire at the local datacenter/office how would I deploy the S3 backups to EC2 if the local boomerang appliance it also down ?  If this is not possible should I then be deploying after each replication ?

Essentially my question is to keep a 12 hour backup cycle what is the appropriate series of steps to ensure I have a continuous set on AWS ?


To protect against disasters that may hit your VMware environment, we recommend you setup Protection Groups, and schedule a recurring replication into Amazon Web Services S3 using Boomerang. When a real disaster hits, you have a number of recovery options:

  • Select the desired Protection Group, ‘Deploy’ either the total Protection Group or a VM subset from the Protection Group into running state into Amazon Web Services. If the Boomerang appliance is also affected by the disaster, you can invoke the ‘Deploy’ operation by directly using the AWS CloudFormation (CF) Console and ‘Deploy’ previously prepared CF stacks accordingly. alternatively, when your VMware environment is back up, you can:
  • Restore your previously lost VMware VMs by ‘Copyback’ the latest VM snapshots from AWS into your VMware environment, and restore operation on-premise accordingly.

For a new another appliance, by recreating your credential profile pointing at the same bucket, the protection groups will be discovered and you will be able to deploy.

We realise that this is far from optimal and we’re currently working on a few items to mitigate this.

  • deployment that does not start the instances with CloudFormation, meaning you can manually run the CloudFormation template.
  • a ‘warm up’ option, where you can choose to have instances ready to start quickly
  • a remote control option – an online portal that you can deploy from.


If you have other features you would like to see around this, please feel free to comment or use the 'Feature Request' part of communities.

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