PHDVB Licensing for 6.x


How to upload and apply a new product license for PHDVB 6.x


Each PHD Virtual Backup Appliance is deployed with a trial license, by default, which allows you to backup from, and replicate to, any hosts in your environment. Although multiple appliances can be deployed within a single environment, PHD Virtual Backup is licensed on a per-host basis. This means that after the trial period expires, you will need to select the hosts you will be backing up from and replicating to using the License Manager area of the PHD Console. In addition, you will need to apply a valid license to each deployed PHD VBA.

License Manager area of the PHD Console

 The following steps explain how to upload and apply a new product license. Additional details about using the License Manager options are included in the User Guide and online help.

To upload and apply a new product license

  1. Open the PHD Virtual Backup Console to the License Manager area.
  2. In the License Details area, click Add License.
  3. In the dialog that opens, select your new license file and click Open.
  4. Next, in the License Management area, identify the hosts you will be using for backup and replication by assigning a license edition to each in the Hosts tab. You can enable as many hosts as your license supports, as displayed in the License Details table, # of Licensed Hosts column.


  5. Click the Appliances tab and apply the new license edition to each deployed PHD VBA.

     Click Save. The license information is applied.

In addition to the License Manager, license information for each individual PHD VBA is displayed at the bottom of the General tab in the PHD Virtual Backup Console's Configuration area.

PHD VBA License Information displayed on the General tab


  • Product expiration is the date when the PHD Virtual Backup trial license expires. This does not apply to purchased licenses. After the product expiration date, you must update the license to use the product.
  • Support expiration is the date when your support subscription expires. A current support subscription is required to receive support from PHD Virtual and to installproduct upgrades.

License Types

Two license types, Enterprise and Professional, are available. Enterprise licenses provide the use of up to 8 concurrent data streams per-VBA when performing backups, restores, and replication. This means that if you were backing up 10 VMs in a single job with a total of 15 disks, 8 of those disks would be processed at the same time. Professional licenses provide 4 data streams per-VBA.

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