How to deploy replicated VMs in AWS


How to deploy replicated VMs in AWS


First, make sure that VMware VMs you wish to deploy in AWS have been replicated in AWS. Please read this document for details on the steps to replicate VMware VMs into AWS. If a Protection Group had successfully replicated VMs into AWS, on dashboard you can see a green icon with the number of VMs.


When a Protection Group can be deployed into AWS, the "Deploy now" link is enabled.

Clicking the "Deploy now" button opens a new page to configure the deployment task. First, please select a snapshot to deploy into AWS. Each snapshot corresponds a successful replication (backup) of VMware VMs.

Boomerang will configure VMs and other AWS resources based on the original VMware configurations. But Boomerang also offers wide range of customization options for those who wish to configure resources in AWS. For example, you can choose to create a new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and launch all VMs into it, or launch all VMs into an existing VPC in your account.

The last option is to choose whether launching VMs in AWS, or only performing VM conversions so that those VMs can be launched later in a short period of time.


Boomerang leverages AWS CloudFormation to launch and configure all AWS resources. Please read this document to find the details on how to launch VMs later by using CloudFormation.

Once a task starts, the progress will be displayed on the dashboard.

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