Where are my “Deployed PG Snapshots and VMs” in AWS?


Where are my “Deployed PG Snapshots and VMs” in AWS?


Once the “Deploy” operation succeeds in Boomerang, your VMware resources will appear in AWS management consoles in a few minutes. So far, AWS has provided 34 pay-as-you-go services. Boomerang has made the AWS deployment experience simple, so you only need to use 3 of these resource services: CloudFormationVPC and EC2.


All three services are tied to specific regions. You can specify your nominated region for deployment inside the Boomerang “PG Profile Setting”. You will thus only find your resources in your nominated region. You can choose to view different AWS regions within the AWS management console:

1. Go to any of the 3 (CloudFormation, VPC or EC2) service consoles.

2. Find drop-down list next to your user name at top-right corner.

3. Click drop-down list and select a new region.

Now, you can view the status of your deployed PG in CloudFormation Management Console. You can also drill into network configuration details via AWS VPC Management Console, and you can see how your VMs have been deployed into AWS EC2 Instances inside the AWS EC2 Management Console

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