How To Setup: Hot Backup Copy on version 10.x


Hot Backup Copy (Replication) on version 10.0.0


Prepare Target for Hot Backup Copy capabilities.

These steps will setup and start the OpenVPN server function. Log into the Target Unitrends Appliance (this is the computer receiving the copies of the data:

  1. You must ensure the ports and needs listed in KB 3372 have been met including ICMP. This is temporary and only for the setup process. Once the Hot Backup Copy is successful, you only need UDP port 1194 bidirectional.
  2. Click CONFIGURE.

  3. Click the Appliances (tab) and select the Unitrends Appliance.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. ​Click on the Backup Copy tab.
  6. Click on the Enable this appliance as a Backup Copy Target.

  7. Connect to the Unitrends using SSH (PuTTY), and once authenticated execute this command: ifconfig
    Check the IP address for docker0. If docker0 or any network in your environment already uses the range of 172.17.x.x, change the value for the Secure Network hear to avoid conflict. (e.g.:
  8. Click Save

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Temporarily disable the built in Firewall (iptables) of the Source and Target (CentOS 6 systems only):

  1. Please use an SSH terminal client (e.g. PuTTY) to connect to the Console of the Source and Target Unitrends system.
  2. Once connected, authenticate as the user root and then execute this command to stop the internal firewall:    service iptables stop
  3. If this is the first time you are setting it up, please configure your network and security to ALLOW complete communication between the Source and the Target Unitrends system. Once it has been set up correctly, please reduce the ALLOW rule to only port 1194 UDP. You can now complete the setup on the Source DPU.


Configure the Source to communicate with the Target

These steps will setup and start the OpenVPN server function:
  1. Click CONFIGURE.
  2. Click the Appliances (tab) and select the Unitrends Appliance for Target.
  3. Click on the Backup Copy Targets (tab at the bottom).
  4. Click Add Target
  5. Click on Unitrends > Unitrends appliance
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  1. Enter the Host Name, IP Address of the Target and click Save. Username and Password are not required.
  2. If you receive a dialogue box with the exact error of 'Connection Could Not Be Verified' it can be ignored by clicking on click Continue. For other errors, review the logs in your Firewall at the Source and Target location. This includes Layer 7 and Web Filter logs.
    See KB 3372 for help.
  3. Once completed, you will receive an Information dialogue box. Please read it and click OK.
  4. The Source appliance is now in a PENDING status with the Target.

Approve the Source for Replication:

These steps will approve and finalize the setup:
  1. Log into the Web /ui/
  2. Click CONFIGURE.
  3. Click the Appliances (tab)
  4. You will see that Source DPU listed, with a Status of User-added image. Click the Pending button.
  5. Click on Allow Backup Copies to be sent from...
  6. Click on the arrow for Select target storage to use and choose the Storage Device that backup copy data will reside (Internal is default).
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  1. Click Save, then click OK after reading the Information box:  Backup Copies from this appliance have been approved.
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Once you have verified that the Replication and/or Management has been established, you can restart the iptables by executing this command:    service iptables start




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