Error: Found stale job. Cleaning up.


Error: Found stale job. Cleaning up.


You receive an error in the job of "Found stale job. Cleaning up."


  1. The backup has more than likely completed successfully. You can verify this by selecting  JOBS > Recent Jobs, and clicking on View Details icon.
  2. Make sure the Engine appliance is never turned off, restarted or put into a position where it will lose the ability to communicate with the Manager related to it while a job related to the Engine is still active. If you must terminate the job, and it does not clear, follow the instructions in KB 4116 Clear all hung Jobs in UVB. If the Engine is on a different subnet or network, you should deploy a new UVB and add it to the Presentation Administrative Interface as a new Environment and give it the IP of the new UVB. This creates a new Environment and places that new UVB as the Manager across this environment. We recommend that you deploy a new Engine and added to this Environment using the Add Appliance, then add the storage to this new Engine. You will need to create a new schedule, but the performance gains and reduced administrative problems are more than worth these few extra steps
  3. Review KB 4007 UVB Resources - Post processes or Jobs are taking too long to complete and ensure you have given the VBAs adequate resources to perform their work.
  4. Consider upgrading now to the Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) for continued protection as UVB will be phased out in the near future.


The job did complete, but has a job-level error: Found stale job. Cleaning up. This error indicates a loss of communications between the Engine and the Manager. It may present itself to you as a job that is still listed in the Active Jobs, but in reality the Engine responsible for it has already completed. When the next job runs, it finds the work completed, and generates the message in the new job log, not the previous job.

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