DPU script broken or missing


DPU commands fail, Support tunnels won't open from command line, giving a Syntax error, or not found error


Support tunnels won't open, and give either a bad syntax, or command not found error.

dpu version returns bad syntax or command not found error.

dpu asset gives bad syntax or command not found error.


Find the location of the dpu script.

[[email protected] ~]# which dpu

cd into that directory, then move the original off to the side.
[[email protected] ~]# cd /usr/local/bin
[[email protected]VMware-UEB bin]# mv dpu dpu.old

Once that is done, you can download the script, and give it proper permissions.
[[email protected] bin]# wget ftp://ftp.unitrends.com/utilities/dpu

[[email protected] bin]# chmod +x dpu
[[email protected] bin]# ls -rlasth dpu*
92K -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 86K Apr 15 11:15 dpu.old
84K -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 79K May 23 17:17 dpu
With that complete dpu will now be reinstalled and can be updated to the latest patch release:
[[email protected] bin]# dpu update
Connecting to ftp.unitrends.com ...                        [  OK  ]
Your current version is:                                   [1.9.55]
The new version is:                                        [1.9.60]
The new version has been installed.
[[email protected] bin]# 
You can remove the dpu.old file if you would like, but it does not hurt anything to leave it there. You can remove the file by using the following command.

The following command can cause permanent damage to unit, if mistyped. Proceed with caution, or call Unitrends support for assistance.

[[email protected] bin]# rm dpu.old
rm: remove regular file `dpu.old'? y

At this point, you are done. You should be able to run 'dpu version' 'dpu support' 'dpu asset' etc. now with no problems.

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