Enabling HTTPS access to the UVB web interface


Steps to enable HTTPS access to the UVB 8.0 Web Interface


You can enable secure HTTPS access to the Unitrends Virtual Backup web interface using a command line option on the presentation appliance.


To enable HTTPS access

  1. Open a command prompt to the presentation appliance (SSH via PuTTy session or using the hypervisor client console).
  2. At the command prompt, enter the following:

    sudo phdvb-enable-ssl

    This will enable the SSL and rewrite modules, prompt you to create a certificate, and restart the web server.

    Note: The info added in the FQDN step must match how you plan to open the browser to the presentation server exactly (either IP address or DNS name).
  3. Open a browser to the presentation server and accept the certificate.
    Firefox: add a security exception directly from the page
    Chrome: Click on the lock in the URL bar, go to the connection tab, click on certificate information, go to details tab, export as PKCS #7, single certificate, go to settings, advanced, Manage SSL certificates, Authorities, Import.
  4. Close and re-open the browser, you should see a green lock icon.

Note: these steps can be performed at any point in the configuration process, i.e.: before quick setup or after it has already been configured.

Note: If SSL is enabled and you hit the normal http site, you will be redirected to the https site.

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