Seeding the initial backup


Seeding the initial backup


This question came directly from a customer:

"Is there any method of seeding the initial backups from VMBoomerang up to AWS via shipping disks?"

At this time the initial loading of all content is done 'over the wire' - over your connection to the internet or via an AWS Direct Connect.

AWS Direct Connect is charged hourly and many providers are now offering month-month contracts for such as service. This will depend on your situation; there could be trade off between the effort cost of exporting importing, shipping and re-importing vs the cost of a 10G direct connect with Boomerang automation.

We are evaluating this functionality, it’s a tricky issue to work with so ultimately we’ll be driven by customer demand for it. AWS have only recently upped their limits on EBS volume sizes as well so this also, which goes along with this. 

If this is something you would like to see, please head over to our communities section and add a 'Feature request'

To better design this for this we'd need to understand what the typical large size volume would be in your environment, i.e 500 GB/ 2 TB – and do you have a feel for how much of that would be similar data that would lend itself to de-duplication? (no problems if it’s none)

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