Unable to uninstall Windows Agent


Details on how to leverage Microsoft Fix It for removing Windows Agent when it will not uninstall properly.


The Windows agent cannot be uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs List.



Uninstall via installation media

Locate the prior release MSI from ftp.unitrends.com/bp and you can put the old MSI back on the box and run an uninstall operation using it,  This will often clean up the older release, if you can identify which specific version it was.  

Find and remove UUID from registry allowing re-install of agent directly

In admin cmd prompt, run "msiexec.exe /i <path to installer> /l* <path to log file>" and then read the generated log.  You will likely find references to a key that uses a UUID that may not be directly associated with our product.  In some cases MSI installation will create the product ID, but will not add the name, making registry search to remove our agent difficult or impossible.  from the errors reported in the MSI log, remove those specific keys (we suggest making a key backup first just in case) and then retry.  several attempts may be necessary as the installer may abort at a later registry object.  


This can be due to registry corruption or other issues, such as an old agent that was installed to a different path, someone deleting the PCBP or moving it prior to the new install, or because the old install failed to properly uninstall. This leaves widows with registry keys that point to uninstall files that do not exist.


For more information, see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/mats/program_install_and_uninstall

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