Jobs - Post Processes tab (8.0)


Jobs - Post Processes tab (8.0)


In addition to the worker threads which perform the backup, restore, and replication processing on each Unitrends VBA, utility threads perform additional processing, including removing backups that fall outside the retention period (deletes) and post-processing tasks.

Figure - Post Processing tab

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The Post Processes table consists of the following columns:

  • VM Name - Name of the VM.
  • Disk - Disk name for the VM.
  • Type - Type of Post Process.
  • Progress - Progress of the post-processing task.
  • Engine - Engine VBA performing the task.
  • Job - Backup job name.

These post-processes and deletes are queued and processed during the course of the day, with deletes being processed only when no other backup jobs are running. In some instances, if too many deletes or post-processes are pending, they may not finish in a 24 hour time period. When this happens, the utility queue depth continues to grow. Some of the problems that can result from utility queue depths that do not reach zero are:

  • Backup data stores can begin to run out of space because the deletes, both manual and retention-based, are not completing and therefore space is not reclaimed on the backup target storage device.
  • Backups may not be available for file recovery, Backup Data Connector exports, or replication, if post-processing has not completed for a VM.

Preventing Issues

You can proactively monitor the pending post-process and retention queue depths in one of two ways:

  1. Viewing the Post Processes tab located on the Jobs page.
  2. Reviewing the email report that is sent after each job completes. The queue depths are included as part of the Job Summary.

    Note: A healthy Unitrends VBA contains queue depths that are typically no greater than the total number of virtual disks backed up in a single day. The Retention processes will vary based on your defined retention policy and how much your environment changes over time.

If you are experiencing issues related to consistently high queue depths, you can:

  • Deploy additional Unitrends VBAs and load balance your backup jobs to allow all processes to complete.
  • Allow more time between jobs on an individual Unitrends VBA to provide more time for all processing to complete
  • Disable backups temporarily to allow post-processing and retention to complete.
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