How to reset the Boomerang appliance password


If you forget the password, click the link to reset the password on the login page of Boomerang.

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Clicking the reset button generates a new 'proposed' password for the admin user. This password is displayed to the Console window of vSphere client for the appliance. You will need to have permission on your VMware environment to open a console to the Boomerang appliance to view this 'proposed' new password.

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This proposed password becomes the new password only after you log into the Boomerang web interface using the proposed password. Until the proposed password is actually used to log on, the current password stands. This is a security feature to prevent anyone from resetting the admin password maliciously or accidentally.

To re-iterate, the steps for resetting the admin password are:

  1. Click on 'Forgot your password' link on the Boomerang web interface login page.
  2. Go to your vSphere client, find your Boomerang appliance's virtual machine, and open a console window to that machine.
  3. Find the proposed password for the admin user.
  4. Use that proposed password for admin to log on Boomerang via the web interface login page, and that will set the proposed password to the new working password.
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