Expand installable UB storage


If the installable UB /backups partition was created as a Linux LVM, it can be expanded.


For Installable UB (OnMetal) systems, they are allocated a certain amount of storage at install time based on the size of the /backups partition.   If the /backups partition was created as a Linux LVM, it can be expanded.


The following requires the administrator be knowledgeable in Linux and LVMs.

To expand backup storage for Installable UB:

  1. Add additional storage for the /backups partition.  If adding internal disks, shutdown the system.
  2. Bring down the Unitrends software so there is no activity on the disk:
    /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript stop
  3. Expand the LVM mounted as /backups to include the new storage (e.g. using Linux commands pvcreate, vgextend, lvextend, and xfs_growfs).
  4. Start the Unitrends software again:
    /etc/init.d/bp_rcscript start
  5. Download the device size update script:
    wget ftp://ftp.unitrends.com/utilities/update_metal_size.sh
  6. Update the D2D device size in the database:
    sh update_metal_size.sh


The "update_metal_size" script will detect the size of the /backups partition, do a little math, and apply that to the D2DBackups device which resides on /backups.  This script will only make changes if the new size is larger than before.

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