Issue a clean shutdown from an APC UPS


Shutdown a Recovery-Series system cleanly during an unplanned power outage.


During a power outage, the Unitrends Recovery-Series system needs to be shutdown cleanly.  This article outlines how to implement this via APC UPS solutions.


Follow the procedure to setup APC UPS support on a Unitrends Recovery-Series system.

  1. The Unitrends Recovery-Series system must be running CentOS 6.               
    How can I tell my version of CentOS Linux? 
  2. The APC ups must be directly connected to the Unitrends Recovery-Series system via a USB using a USB cable provided by the APC UPS vendor.  The APC UPS must be connected prior to running the setup utility.
  3. If the Unitrends system is not a CentOS 6 system or if the UPS is not connected to the Unitrends system, stop here and complete steps 1 and 2.  This process will not work if these prerequisites are not met.
  4. Access the Unitrends Recovery-Series system remotely using PuTTY.  PuTTY will provide command line access to the system. Use the following command to verify the APC is connected using USB: 
    # ls /dev/usb | grep hid
    Note: If nothing shows after running this command, please try a different USB port on the appliance. You should see a result looking similar to, "hiddev0".
  5. Download the setup utility from the Unitrends FTP site.  (Note:  Incoming and outgoing FTP access is required during the installation process).          
    # cd /tmp 
    # wget
    # yum  localinstall --nogpgcheck gd-2.0.35-11.el6.x86_64.rpm
    # wget 
    # chmod +x
  6. Execute the setup utility, then start the apcupsd service.  
    # ./
    # service apcupsd start (a reboot will also start the service)
  7. Verify the script is running.
    # ps aux | grep apc
    root      4649  0.0  0.0 104988   884 ?        Ssl  Nov05   0:07 /sbin/apcupsd -f /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf
    root     22261  0.0  0.0 103248   904 pts/0    S+   09:37   0:00 grep apc

          The script will configure the Unitrends Recovery-Series system to support a shutdown from an APC UPS via USB cable.



For Unitrends Backup or Unitrends Virtual Backup products, a shutdown command may be configured within the hypervisor.

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