Add and attach a virtual disk to UVB deployed in Xen


Add a new disk to a UVB appliance using Citrix XenCenter


This article provide instructions for adding a new disk to a UVB appliance deployed in XenServer.


To add an attached virtual disk to an appliance using Citrix XenCenter

  1. Within XenCenter, select the appliance VM, click the Storage tab, and then click Add….
  2. Enter a name, size, and location for the new disk and click Add. The size entered here is the amount of space you will allocate for storing backups. Location can be either local storage or a remote storage repository (recommended).
    Add as many virtual disks as needed to create the backup data store size you require.
    When you configure your backup storage either using the Quick Setup or later, you will choose this attached disk as your backup data store.

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