Release Notes for Boomerang v1.1.2


Release Notes for Boomerang v1.1.2


Boomerang v1.1.2 has the following major updates:

New Free Trial Model

There is no need to set the license key to experience Boomerang anymore! We work hard to make sure that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience with Boomerang. To push this idea further, we have decided to remove the license check for our trial version. Now you can download our virtual appliance immediately after registration – not need to wait for your license key to be delivered.

Enhanced network issue handling

Boomerang can now better handle high network latency, jitter or short connection disruptions when communicating with AWS. Under certain conditions, Boomerang would have previously failed to complete replication tasks or deployment tasks resulting in the task stopping without any progress or aborting due to timeout. Many of these issues are addressed in 1.1.2 release.

Improved progress display

The replication progress (percentage) reflects the task status more accurately. The progress also shows more detailed information on the progress status.

Improved diagnostics

To help with troubleshooting, Boomerang shows the cause of common networking issues such as problems with connectivity to the VMware environment or to AWS. Boomerang also shows more details on the reason why VMs cannot be protected if they are not selectable when creating a Protection Group.

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